Type of Input File
A number of options are available for uploading expression data in different formats. In the first instance, the user must select whether the numbers in the data columns have been provided as absolute or relative values. If absolute values are provided then they will be converted to expression ratios by comparing all other timepoints in the file to a reference timepoint (may be entered; first data column by default).

Log2 transformation on expression data assumes a normal distribution and permits an even scaling of the data for ease of interpretation. If a file containing linear data is provided then the user must indicate this by selecting the relevant check box. Once submitted, log2 transformation will be carried out on the data to view decreased expression (i.e. downregulation) and to overcome the tremendous range of values often seen in linear data. Any negative linear values will trigger an unrecoverable file error which must be corrected (e.g. replaced with zero) before proceeding to the results.