File Upload
The input file containing data from gene expression experiments must abide to the following specifications:
  1. Gene identifiers should be placed in rows and individual timepoints in columns.
  2. Individual columns can only be separated by tab characters.
  3. Expression values may be floating point or integer values. Further options are also provided to specify the format in which the data values have been provided (see Input File Type).
  4. Comments and notes are permitted in the rows preceeding the first data value (see First Timepoint Entry In File)
By default individual timepoint's will be given a prefix of 'TP' followed by the corresponding column number in the input file (e.g. TP1, TP3, etc.). A sample data file which adheres to the above specifications and default parameter values has been provided for download. This file contains 6 columns, the first column contains gene names, the remaining columns display a series of time points showing expression values from a microarray experiment.

If any problems are encountered uploading expression data then please try to adhere to the default specification, and if all else fails email with the relevant error code.